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4 Things to Consider When Searching for “CrossFit Gyms Near Me”

You’ve heard of CrossFit.  Maybe, you’ve seen fit people lifting on Instagram.  Maybe one of your co-workers goes to CrossFit after work every day.  Or maybe, you even have friends who won’t stop talking about CrossFit.

The chart above is a trend tool from Google that shows the popularity of some fitness facilities back to 2020 using a relative index. 100 indicating peak popularity, a reading of 50 means the term is half as popular compared to that peak. Before you get lost in the Google time warp, make sure to consider these four things 4 when searching for “CrossFit gyms near me.”

First: Consider more than just the price and location.

Most of the time when choosing a gym the deciding factors comes down to two things: the price and location. In my opinion, a great Box with an amazing community is worth the extra 10 minute drive.  CrossFit is a social activity and every gym has a different culture. You should find a gym where you can connect easily with the coaches and the members. 

CrossFit Open workout with the community

It won’t hurt to try all the CrossFit gyms in the area before making a decision.

Can CrossFit be expensive? Absolutely. One get’s what they pay for. What everyone needs to do is ask themselves, “what exactly am I looking for? Easily accessible equipment? Train alone, without guidance? If the answer is yes, then the cheaper route is probably the better option. For those new to CrossFit, I wouldn’t recommend it. In CrossFit, there are more complex movements. Which means you are going to need quality coaching.

At CrossFit Invigorate, we pride ourselves on our expert coaching and client services. We provide our athletes with group training as well as one-on-one personal training services.  If you want a higher-value service that provides faster results than group classes, you should consider a CrossFit gym that provides one-on-one personal training.

Second: Ask, “Do the CrossFit boxes near me understand my goals?”

The most successful CrossFit gyms understand exactly what their clients needs are. The best gyms understand that we are in the “results business and NOT the “get bodies in the door” business. 

The way to get started is with a “No Sweat Intro.” During a No Sweat Intro, we we discuss what your goals are. Are you looking to get strong? Lose weight? Simply be more active?

Now, here’s the secret—the best gyms will ask you WHY. Understanding the “why” is important for setting any goal. Is your reason about more than just losing weight? May there’s a family history of chronic diseases that you want to avoid? Maybe you need to increase your strength and endurance for a specific event like a marathon, or a hike up Mount Everest. If no one takes the time to discuss your goals and learn your “why,” then how can they truly understand what it is you need?

Third: Ask, “Do the CrossFit gyms near me offer nutrition coaching?”

Yes! The best CrossFit gyms in your area should offer nutrition coaching.

CrossFit is about improving your fitness, not just heavy barbells and kipping pull-ups.

The CrossFit Journal breaks down fitness simply as “Eat meat and vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch, and no sugar. Keep intake to levels that will support exercise but not body fat. Practice and train major lifts: deadlift, clean, squat, presses, clean-and-jerk and snatch.” When it comes to health and fitness, nutrition is responsible for 80% of the results. Those who do nutrition coaching see 3.5 times the results of those who just exercise. If you are not eating real whole foods, you are not doing CrossFit, period. 

People quit gyms when they don’t see results. If you want the fastest route to results, you need good nutrition and exercise. So why wouldn’t you find a gym where you can get both?

Finally: Ask yourself whether you’re searching for a “CrossFit gym near me” or a “CrossFit personal trainer near me.”

If you’re new to CrossFit, make sure the facility you’re looking at offers a Foundations or Fundamentals course. Foundations courses are broken down into 3-5 one-on-one personal training sessions. These sessions are meant to help clients familiarize themselves with the terminology and equipment used in typical workouts.

CrossFit is a training methodology. Group training and personal training are the means with which it is delivered.

When deciding whether or not you need personal training, consider the following: 1) Am I dealing with a pre-existing injury? 2) Are you new to CrossFit? 3) Are you intimidated by group settings?

Whatever you do, don’t just type in some random search terms and sign up with the first gym you find on Google Maps. Your health is worth a little more research.

Inspiration provided by Rob Connors at SignumCrossFit.com.

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