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April Bulletin

2021 CrossFit Open

The 2021 CrossFit Open is over has come to an end and there aren’t enough words to express how incredibly proud we are of all of you.  We have several athletes who actually qualified for regionals and hope to receive official invites: Mary Helen, Seth Travis, Laura Roney, Dustin Labar, Courtney Everetts and Mabry Cook. Congratulations!!

Each and every one of you pushed hard, jumped out of your comfort zones lifting heavier weights, performing harder workouts and reaching new milestones.  We also discovered some weaknesses and now have new goals to focus on and work towards. Should you need any help with these goals, please don’t hesitate to reach out to your coaches!

HUGE shout out to Coach Courtney for accepting the challenge of running a usually chaotic event.  She did an amazing job organizing everything, making herself available to everyone and keeping the morale high!

Congrats to Rachel Whitney and her team “Exercise for Extra Fries!” for winning the CFI Intramural Open. They will be getting a team banner to hang in the gym and rub it in our faces.  😀 Great job team!!

Coach Spotlight

Coach Courtney Everetts

This month’s Coach Spotlight is Coach Courtney.  She was the badass running the Open, making sure everything ran like a well oiled machine.  Adding Courtney to our coaching staff was one of the best decisions we ever made! She is an amazing coach, pushing athletes to be their very best despite their fears.  She’s run some of our gymnastics seminars and has helped several of our athletes, get their first toes to bar, pull-ups and handstand pushups.

To help you get to know him a little better we asked Coach Courtney the following:

“How long have you been coaching ?”

I have been a coach since July 2020.

“What is your favorite part about coaching?”

My favorite part about coaching has to be seeing the confidence it provides athletes. When people are able to do something that they think is impossible, it is so incredible and encouraging to see.

“What made you want to be a coach?”

I enjoy teaching other people things I am passionate about.

“What is your favorite movement to coach?”

My favorite movement to coach is just about anything overhead. Whether it be handstand push-ups, push press, overhead squats, I love it all.

What’s your job outside the gym?

I am currently a registered nurse at The Heart Center. I am also in graduate school full time to become a nurse practitioner.

What’s something we may not have known about you?

I graduated from Auburn University – War Eagle!

Give us a Fun Fact about you.

I don’t like vegetables or vanilla ice cream.

Coming up next…

The Inferno: We have some athletes headed to Birmingham Saturday, April 17th for The Inferno 2021 Competition. Come out and support your gym fam!

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