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CrossFit Invigorate Athlete Spotlight – Ann Weis

Ann has been a member of our box for a little over 2 years now. She is CrossFit Invigorate’s Client Service Manager, so if you’re just starting your journey with us, you are likely to encounter her smiling face and happy vibe. She’s always there to lend a helping hand no matter the task and is someone we’ve come to rely on.

What Brought you to CrossFit Invigorate?

“I had been working out elsewhere for years, but decided to give CrossFit Invigorate a try after my husband, Dave, had signed up. (I wanted to make sure he stayed first..long story..lol). Boy am I glad I did, this place is the BEST.”

What’s your favorite CrossFit Invigorate memory so far?

I love it all! I love ALL the memories.  From the coaches that keep motivating you throughout the WODs to the great friendships made along the way.  Not to mention getting a new PR – pretty incredible -That feeling of accomplishment when finished with a workout..Oh yeah, makes ya feel like a million bucks!  Such fun times, all the memories are awesome.

What do you say to yourself before each workout?

Let’s do this!!!  Now whether I do it all or not is irrelevant. LOL I do what I can and ALWAYS walk out saying, “Damn, I DID IT!!”

What would you tell the person you were before you started?

Why the heck didn’t you start this years ago?  Do this for you because you deserve it!!

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