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CrossFit Invigorate Bright Spots

What are Bright Spots?

“Bright Spots” are something positive regardless of how big or small. Your bright spot can be something that was achieved. Something you a might have accomplished, or simply just a great thing that happened. For some it’s a personal record on a lift, getting that first pull-up or making it to class 4 times this week.  For others it might be binging on their favorite tv show (I’m looking at you Bridgerton fans) over the weekend or taking a quick trip to the beach.

No matter what our Bright Spots are, we share it with our gym family. We share them so that we can all celebrate each other, even if it’s not always something in the gym. Sharing is an exercise itself. It’s practicing gratitude and thankfulness within our little community. We celebrate every small success with each other and spend a couple minutes every week to reflect on the good things in our lives.  This doesn’t come easy to everyone, we recognize that.  This is why it’s called a practice, it can be difficult and we don’t always feel like doing it but we always feel better after we do.


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Our members are our Bright Spot

It’s worth mentioning, our members are our Bright Spot.  We can’t say it enough how proud each of them make us.  Every time they finish a workout, we’re ecstatic.  The effort they put forth every day is a bright spot for us.  I know it can be difficult to stay positive, especially with all the humming of negativity everywhere. However, I’d like to encourage you to find a bright spot right now, find something to feel good about. 

What’s your Bright Spot?

If you have your health, that’s a huge one!  Maybe the sun is shining where you’re at or that goofy pet of yours is rolling around on the carpet in front of you acting a fool forcing you to laugh at them.  Could be you accomplished a fitness goal.  Maybe you were strong for your partner this week.  You may have prepared a meal last night when it would have been so much easier to order something.

Stop for just a moment and don’t just find a bright spot, but feel good about it. No matter how big or small it’s worthy of recognition.  And if you have a second, post it below in the comments. You never know how it might inspire someone else. 

Stop for just a moment and don’t just find a bright spot, feel good about it.  And if you have a second, comment and tell me what it is.  We’d love to celebrate it with you.

So, what’s your bright spot?

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