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March Newsletter

CrossFit Invigorate Intramural Open

In case you hadn’t heard, we are only a couple weeks away from The 2021 CrossFit Invigorate Intramural Open!  Team Captains have been chosen, the draft had been completed and the trash talking has begun!  It’s going to be a great time to be had by all.

Each week teams will be going head to head to determine who will reign supreme and get their Team name printed on a banner and hung in the gym for all to see.  For those not on social media and wondering how it’s gonna work, Coach Courtney has laid it all out for you.

” How do you help your team win CrossFit Invigorate’s Intramural Open? The name of the game is the lowest score wins.

Those is the CrossFit Open will be on a leaderboard. Their placement in the workout for that week will be added to their team’s score. For example, if I placed fifth in the overall leaderboard, 5 points will be added to my team.

If you haven’t signed up for the CrossFit Open but are still on a team, there will be an automatic 20 points added to your team.

Top three in the males Rx, females Rx, masters males, and masters female will each get -1 point for their entire team. Masters will begin at age 45.

Last but not least, there is a Spirit of the Open award each week. I will award this individual with -5 points for their team. This individual represents what the Open and CrossFit community are all about. They exemplify sportsmanship, a willingness to try something they have never done before and encouragement of all participants. “

If you have any questions about points or how things are going to run, don’t hesitate to ask! Wondering why you should sign up for The Open? Read “Why you Should Participate in The Open”. Still need to register for the CrossFit Open? You can do so here:  https://open.crossfit.com/

Staff Highlight

This month’s Staff Highlight is Coach Rob.  If you work out in the afternoons you know all about Coach Rob’s high energy WOD with friends.  He will insist upon you leaving all your excuses and attitude at the door because he ain’t having it.  If you haven’t had the opportunity to work out Rob you are missing out on the afternoon dance party so if you’re able, and your schedule allows it shake it up  a bitand try out a 415 class, he’s guaranteed to have you singing and dancing by the end of the WOD, or at the very least smiling and a little less stressed out from your day.

To help you get to know him a little better we asked Coach Rob the following:

“How long have you been coaching ?”

I have been coaching for almost 4 years. I got my certification in 2017 and started out coaching with 1-on-1s. But coaching the group class is my favorite.

“What is your favorite part about coaching?”

My favorite part about coaching is seeing the athletes do something they never thought they would be able to do. Getting the first pull-up, perfect squat, or just surprising themselves with their progression. It’s so exciting seeing how proud of themselves they are!

“What made you want to be a coach?”

I joined Crossfit in 2014 and absolutely fell in love with the sport. It changed my life in many ways. My drive to coach was to share my admiration of the sport with others. 7 years later and I couldn’t see myself doing anything else!

What is your favorite movement to coach?”

My favorite movement to coach would have to be gymnastics! All of it! I can’t narrow it down to just one movement. The advanced stuff like Muscle ups, handstand walks, and pull ups. All the way down to the basics like hollow holds and Superman.  But if i HAD to narrow it down to one, it would be Handstands/Handstand Walks. #Gymnasty

What’s your job outside the gym?

I’m a Systems Engineer. I work with lasers.

What’s something we may not have known about you?

I was in the Air Force for 4 years. I was a Nuclear Missile Operator and separated as a Captain.

Give us a Fun Fact about you.

I’m practically a walking Pokédex. It’s kinda cool, but mostly annoying. As a child, i could recite all the original 151 Pokémon. Not proud of it, but not ashamed.

March Events

6th-Wrapping up the Nutrition Kickstart

11th to 29th CFI Intramural Open

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