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Mindset Monday

It’s November.  Everywhere you look, things are changing. It’s a little bit colder, trees are showing off their bright red and orange leaves before they fall away and sleep the rest of the year and all you can smell is pumpkin and cinnamon. 😀 

The year seems to have flown by and all we can seem to think about while we’re sipping our pumpkin lattes are the things we said we were gonna do but for whatever reason, we just didn’t get around to it. 

That’s ok though!  

We still have:

25 days till Thanksgiving,

54 days till Christmas, and

61 days till we ring in the New Year.

Plenty of time to check off some of those goals, learn that new hobby, try something new….You just have to decide that you want it and do it, go after it. Think about all that time you spent coming up with excuses and all the reasons why it wasn’t the right time…You could’ve been checking things off that bucket list, accomplishing another goal, doing something you’ve always wanted to do but for whatever reason, you were too scared, there wasn’t enough time.  

Now’s that time. Decide what it is you want, and go after it! 

Make a list:

What is it you want to do/try/see?

What steps do I need to take to do/try/see it?

Who can I convince to come along with me on this adventure to keep me accountable? (Cause everything is better, easier with friends) 

What do you have to lose?

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